#Vanlife Diary – Day 23

We drove from Nashville to Chicago in two days. Yesterday (#Vanlife Day 22), we drove the 345 miles (555 km) from our house sit in Nashville to Lafayette, Indiana. It was another beautiful drive through farmland and tiny towns. We spent the drive listening to The Shining by Stephen King on Audible and looking out the window. One of our favorite bits of scenery was the large sections of wind farms that dotted the farmland as we drove along.

#Vanlife The Places We Live. USA map showing our first stop from Nashville to Chicago, Lafayette, Indiana.

Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette is a small city of over 65,000 people, just northwest of Indianapolis. The city hosts Purdue University, which employs a good chunk of the locals. I didn’t choose this location for any reason other than it was conveniently located, but I’m glad we came through.

Darla, the white van from The Places We Live #Vanlife, is parked among a pine forest in Lafayette, Indiana. There are camp chairs and a fire ring in the distance.

Our home for the evening was Wild Things Farms. It was another HipCamp booking that hooked us up with a lovely parking space in a family’s backyard. Darla was surrounded by trees and the sounds of farm animals off in the distance. After a pleasant night’s sleep, we drove to the local Starbucks for breakfast and to mooch off their wifi for a couple of hours while we worked before hitting the road again.

Indiana to Illinois

#Vanlife The Places We Live. Map of the USA highlighting our route from Nashville to Chicago. This segment is Lafayette, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois.

#Vanlife Day 23, wraps up our drive from Nashville to Chicago. Today’s adventure takes us the remaining 133 miles (214 km) to Chicago, Illinois. Once again, we listened to our Audible book and a little bit of Nine Inch Nails. My first spotting of Lake Michigan was exciting. Everyone always said it was like looking at an ocean and they were right. The water met all the way with the horizon. I watched the people on the beach, playing in the waves or watching the sailboats in the distance. I could have sworn I was back on the beach in Florida.

They call Chicago the Second City and, once again, for good reason. I’m not sure why I assumed Chicago would be a small city. This place is huge! The city area is large and compact, the streets are wide, and the streets are bustling with activity. I don’t have much planned for our long weekend in Chicago and am now regretting that decision. I want to see EVERYTHING!

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