It’s My Birthday!

Today is my American timezone birthday (it was yesterday for me over here in the future). I’m 33 today and feeling great!


We started the day with our first American food since we’ve been here and, even more important, my first cup of coffee for 2018! I didn’t think I was an addict, but I am. I NEEDED that coffee.


For my present, I requested a book that helps teach kids how to read. It is full of 1-2 page children’s stories. I finished one story yesterday which was a pretty blatant copyright infringement of Winnie the Pooh. It was a tale of Little Bear who took advantage of Mr. Rabbit’s hospitality by eating way too many steamed buns. When Little Bear stormed off at the lack of further food, he got stuck in the door frame. Mr. Rabbit and his friend Robin tried to pull Little Bear out, but he was stuck. After a full week of Little Bear not eating or drinking any tea, Mr. Rabbit and his friends were able to work together and pull Little Bear out of the doorway. I feel like the book will greatly improve my vocabulary… and offer up a few giggles.


After dinner, Josh and I celebrated with a “chocolate cake” and card games. The cake was, of course, lacking any taste of chocolate or sugar. It is crazy that Chinese food is so deliciously packed with flavor, but when it comes to baked goods, most are very bland. I still enjoyed it though and had a wonderful night. Happy birthday to me!!

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