The Price of Freedom

One of the big problems we have with this adventure is Josh’s work. He is currently on a research grant provided to him by the US Government. It is a two year contract with some pretty serious consequences in place if broken. If Josh breaks his contract now, the University would be in poor standing  and Josh would owe the government $35,000.

That idea scares the crap out of me. I have never owed that much money to anyone. Especially without getting anything in return. But how much is freedom really worth?

Josh’s boss requested that he wait until October to quit so that the University will not suffer from any serious hits to its reputation. Also, by October, we would only owe $23,000 for breaking contract. It is still a big number, but slightly more manageable.

I know this all sounds very silly. If I were to read someone else writing this same blog, I would think to myself, “Then you shouldn’t have signed the contract in the first place.” or “Who would sign a contract with those sorts of rules attached. Don’t you read?!”

And, I (you) wouldn’t be wrong to think that way. I should have read the contract. However, at the time, he was super excited about the job so I’m not sure I would have considered the pay-back paragraph as much of a risk. He really wanted this job and we worked hard to get this job. We have always been very mature, organized, and smart. Had we known, we wouldn’t have done it. Foresight is a bitch.



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