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We’re Jen and Josh, traveling the world, drinking one new beer at a time. Spending most of our adult life in Oregon, we’ve gained an appreciation for flavorful hops and well-crafted microbrews. Join us as we visit local breweries and neighborhood pubs around the world, in search of the perfect draft.

Where to?

Start your journey with some of my favorite posts from around the world:

China Brews

China isn’t really known for their beer and it is obvious why at the first sip. Now, that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy my beer in China, because I absolutely did. I enjoyed it the same way I enjoy…

Space Coast Breweries – World Beer Tour

Whether your boarding your next cruise, hitting the beach after a day at Disney, or visiting Kennedy Space Center, you’re Space Coast adventure is not complete with a stop at one of these amazing local breweries.

Breweries on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia

The Mornington Peninsula is southeast of Melbourne, Australia and is known for its beautiful beach views, nature hikes, and wineries. It is the perfect weekend getaway from the urban life of Melbourne, and the ideal setting for our first community…

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