elderly black lab lying down on a brown and green doggy bed with her orange and blue call

Trusted Housesitters

How We got started house sitting in china

As mentioned in my Places We Live – Chengdu post, we are currently staying in an apartment in Chengdu, for free, in exchange for dog sitting. I learned about this type of exchange online and was able to get involved through Trusted Housesitters, a website that connects travelers with free house sitters and now we are house sitting in China!

Four green boxes. The first says

We booked the house sit a few months ago after sending messages back and forth with our host. Then we did a Skype interview. We had a lot in common and hit it off right away. She booked us a little after that, then a few months later, we showed up at her door. She introduced us to her wonderful dog Lucy, hosted us for dinner, and showed us the ins and outs of her apartment. Then she left for two weeks.

Since we’ve been house sitting in China, we estimate that we have saved around $200 on accommodations alone. But there are other perks as well. Not only do we have lovable Lucy to hang out with, but we have a bike to use ($5 savings) and a kitchen to cook in ($50 savings). In two weeks, we have saved over $250 by house sitting in China with Lucy.

black lab lying on a dog bed while we are house sitting in China

Upcoming House Sits

With this is mind, I have been working diligently to get us more bookings. I sent out about a dozen house sitting applications last week and have finally booked three more sits! Next up, we’re heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to enjoy the company of an adorable pup named Molly.

Calendar of current house sitting schedule listed for China, Malaysia, China again, and Thailand

As you can see, we’re coming back to Chengdu too! I applied for another house sitting in China. I thought it would be a good layover on our way to Tibet or something later this summer. In writing the woman, I told her I was currently in town and was able to meet up for a face-to-face if she wanted. Turns out, she is friends with my host and lives just down the block! She invited us over for a chat and also the next day for dinner. Her and her husband had lots of fun stories and a beautiful home. Oh, and about the sweetest kitten I have ever met! We can’t wait to come back for the sit.

White and brown kitten inside of a black slipper.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself (this is only a our first house sit), but I think this is going to be a game changer. It has already shown to be a great way to save money, provide privacy to get our work done, and boost our social stimulation. Look out world, here we come!


  1. That’s actually amazing!! I wonder if something like that is here in USA. We would love to have someone here when we leave on vaca haha

    1. There is! It is the same website. Check out the link I posted for a 20% discount. I just got an email from a woman in Boise asking me to watch her house next week. haha

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