I’m a Travel Blogger

I got my first “job” today!

Sunday Shower Thoughts:

  1. “What would life be like if humans had a mating season?”
  2. “I wonder if sweet potatoes would be good on pizza.”
  3. “I love vacation rentals. How fun would it be to review vacation rentals? OMG, I’m going to review vacation rentals.”

I got out of the shower, threw on some clothes, and immediately set to work. I emailed 10 different vacation rental owners and told them I wanted to look at their place, take some pictures, and do a small piece on my blog. Everyone who actually read my email, responded positively.

On Monday, Josh and I drove into town and met with a woman who owns a dozen properties in the area and was excited to get some professional photographs taken of a property she recently acquired. That made me nervous. “Is she going to be upset when Josh and I show up with our phones and the GoPro? Does she think my blog is being read by thousands of people?” I was so nervous, but I put on my work voice and just did it.

We had so much fun! The woman and her mother were really nice people with interesting stories. The two apartments she took us to were lovely and exactly the kind of places we stay at during our previous travels. Josh took video with the GoPro and I took photos with my phone.


Again, it was a little nerve racking taking photos on our cheap equipment with very little photography skill, but the photos weren’t the point. It was the story. The woman gave us the rundown of the area (similar to what she would share with her renters) and we visited many of the places she suggested. We imagined an entire week’s worth of amazing blog posts and stories we could tell if we had a week at her place. It would be the dream job I have always wanted.

Dream Job Checklist:

  1. Quit my nine to five and hit the road. – CHECK
  2. Start a blog. – CHECK
  3. Make first contact as a travel marketer. – CHECK

Am I dreaming? Has this really happened? This blog has 30 posts, I doubled my followers on social media, and I got my first “job”. There are still a few steps to go before I’m Samantha Brown famous, but I’m on my way. I really am. How did I get so lucky?

Bonneville Salt Flats

My feet hurt, but my pictures are top notch.

My mother in-law came to visit this weekend, so we took the opportunity to check another Utah adventure off of our to-do list: The Bonneville Salt Flats.

I read a lot of reviews before we left. About 50% said something like, “one of the major stops in Utah.” That is a pretty strong statement considering that Utah hosts some of the most amazing national parks in the country. The other 50% of the reviews were a little more meh: “I wouldn’t drive out of my way to see it, but if you’re there, get out of the car.” Those are two very different reviews. I was intrigued and had to know which was right. After a few hours of driving and a little poking around, I’ve written my own review, posted below:

It photographs well.

– Jen on the Bonneville Salt Flats

First of all, there’s no park associated with the salt flats; in fact, there isn’t even a road sign. We happened to pull into a rest stop to check the map and realized we were there when we saw people out walking around on the salt. We got out of the car and walked across the gravel to the edge of the flats. There was a pool of inch deep water covering shards of spiky, flesh destroying salt rocks.


I slowly picked my way through the pool. The water was very clear and thick. Cupping the water in my hand almost felt like holding a handful of fine sand. The pool reflected the landscape making a mirror effect that was quite pretty.

It wasn’t nearly as large as I had expected, but it was still an interesting view. The picture opportunities were amazing. I might even go so far as to say my pictures are way better than the actual view. You’re welcome.


The Bonneville Salt Flats is also home to the Motor Speedway where land-speed records have been set. Challenge accepted!