I’m a Travel Blogger

I got my first “job” today!

Sunday Shower Thoughts:

  1. “What would life be like if humans had a mating season?”
  2. “I wonder if sweet potatoes would be good on pizza.”
  3. “I love vacation rentals. How fun would it be to review vacation rentals? OMG, I’m going to review vacation rentals.”

I got out of the shower, threw on some clothes, and immediately set to work. I emailed 10 different vacation rental owners and told them I wanted to look at their place, take some pictures, and do a small piece on my blog. Everyone who actually read my email, responded positively.

On Monday, Josh and I drove into town and met with a woman who owns a dozen properties in the area and was excited to get some professional photographs taken of a property she recently acquired. That made me nervous. “Is she going to be upset when Josh and I show up with our phones and the GoPro? Does she think my blog is being read by thousands of people?” I was so nervous, but I put on my work voice and just did it.

We had so much fun! The woman and her mother were really nice people with interesting stories. The two apartments she took us to were lovely and exactly the kind of places we stay at during our previous travels. Josh took video with the GoPro and I took photos with my phone.


Again, it was a little nerve racking taking photos on our cheap equipment with very little photography skill, but the photos weren’t the point. It was the story. The woman gave us the rundown of the area (similar to what she would share with her renters) and we visited many of the places she suggested. We imagined an entire week’s worth of amazing blog posts and stories we could tell if we had a week at her place. It would be the dream job I have always wanted.

Dream Job Checklist:

  1. Quit my nine to five and hit the road. – CHECK
  2. Start a blog. – CHECK
  3. Make first contact as a travel marketer. – CHECK

Am I dreaming? Has this really happened? This blog has 30 posts, I doubled my followers on social media, and I got my first “job”. There are still a few steps to go before I’m Samantha Brown famous, but I’m on my way. I really am. How did I get so lucky?

Travel Hacking: Phone Plan

I need a phone. I could chose to live a more “untethered life,” but I don’t really want to, so I’m not going to.

I need a phone. I could chose to live a more “untethered life,” but I don’t really want to, so I’m not going to. I need a phone. I need a service that is cheap and doesn’t require my family to download or learn anything new.

I have done a lot of research on the subject and, I’ll be honest, I still don’t really get it. I will continue to update this post as I learn more, but I wanted to start early in case you have any better ideas for me.

Stage One: Port phone number to Google Voice

For $20, I ported (transferred) my phone number to Google Voice and cancelled my AT&T phone plan. So far, this has been a great move. It took a few days, but now I have access to all of my text messages and voice mails without anyone even knowing that I cancelled my phone plan.

Every text sent to my usual phone number goes to the Google Voice app both on my phone and computer, as long as they’re connected to wifi. This solves two problems: I still have the same phone number and I still get texts. Unfortunately, I can’t make or receive calls (Google Voice requires a phone with a service plan, but I can make calls from the computer, similar to Skype), and it’s all dependent on an internet connection. Time for Stage Two.

Stage Two: Forward calls to a USA phone number

For $50, I got a Skype USA phone number for one year. I then forwarded all of my Google Voice calls to my Skype phone number. Now I get all my texts from Google Voice and all of my phone calls on Skype. All of this happens without my friends and family needing to change any of their habits. They can continue to contact me the same way they always have.

This solves one more problem: I can receive calls from the USA without any long distance fees. Unfortunately, I still can’t make calls and I still need the internet.

Stage Three: Profit?

Stage three is where I’m a bit stuck. I am pretty sure the answer is to get a local SIM card with a data plan. I will then be able to use all of the apps on my phone without needing to be in wifi. This would allow me to make calls using Google Voice via Google Hangouts on my phone. The down-side is that I would need to pay long distance fees ($0.01/minute) when I make calls. The up-side is that I don’t think anyone has to pay fees to call me and texts are always free. This solves the remaining problems.

So, in theory (I still haven’t tried Stage Three), I have put together a plan that would allow my family to text, call, and leave voice mails to the same phone number I have had for over 10 years without any long-distance fees. I will be able to use a combination of one or two apps on my current phone to get a fully functioning phone plan without roaming and a discounted long-distance plan of only $0.01 per minute.

If you have done this before, please let me know your thoughts.

What Now?

I know quitting a job isn’t a big deal, but it adds a little bit of anxiety when considering the options we’ve laid out for ourselves…. I say, “fuck it.”

“I nearly quit today, but I was worried you would be upset with me, so I didn’t.” – Josh

It has been nearly a month since this one sentence has taken control of our entire existences. Every conversation and every lingering look has been filled with the daunting question of “what now?” I know quitting a job isn’t a big deal, but it adds a little bit of anxiety when considering the options we’ve laid out for ourselves.

Option Adulting

Just deal with it like a real adult. Everyone hates their jobs. That’s how life works.

Risk Level – Low

Pros – We keep our cushy lifestyle and nothing really has to change.

Cons – Nothing really changes and we still hate our jobs.

Option Take the Reigns

Find a new job, then quit the old one. Maybe it’s time to hate a new job with different scenery (see option adulting).

Risk Level – Medium

Pros – We keep our cushy lifestyle and hate our jobs slightly less.

Cons – We still hate our jobs, but in a new way.

Option Fuck It

Throwing all caution to the wind in search of living our dreams as world-traveling nomads. Who needs money when we have… life without money? Yeah. That’s a solid argument.

Risk Level – High

Pros – We have the time and freedom to do whatever the hell we want.

Cons – There are mass amounts of unknowns and a huge lack of stability.

So there we have it. We have marketable skills, we’re child-less, pet-less, and debt free. I say, “fuck it.”