Food of New Orleans, Louisiana

Leaving Austin behind was difficult, but we had the incredible luck to book a house sit in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and even though we're not really the biggest partiers, it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime adventures we just couldn't pass up. In addition to witnessing all the outlandish revelry, we were really excited... Continue Reading →

House Sitting in Austin, Texas

After 780 miles (1255 km) of driving from our house sit in New Mexico, we arrived at our next job house sitting in Austin, Texas. This was one we were particularly excited about. Not only had we been wanting to visit Austin for quite some time, but we hit it off with our hosts right... Continue Reading →

New Mexico Road Trip

Once again, it's time to hit the road. As this is our first visit to New Mexico, we decided to extend our travel days a little bit and enjoy a small road trip. The journey from our house sit in New Mexico to the next one in Texas led us South along New Mexico Highway... Continue Reading →

Turquoise Trail New Mexico

The Turquoise Trail is a scenic byway in central New Mexico running between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Most of the trail is covered by Highway 14, which also runs right next to the house we were sitting. Highway 14 is about 50 miles long and encompasses 15,000 square miles of culture and history. We explored... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live – New Mexico

The last leg of our American road trip (#VanLife Part 3) takes us through every southern state on our way to Florida. Our first stop was a house sit for a retired couple who live completely off-grid in the New Mexico high desert with their two dogs. We spent merely three weeks in this desert oasis,... Continue Reading →

Phoenix and Beyond

The final stop on our family-visiting tour brought us to Phoenix, Arizona to stay with Josh's aunt. Her lovely winter home is about forty minutes out of the city in a nice gated community, and overlooks a golf course and the mountains beyond. The weather was pretty perfect while we were there, eighty degrees and... Continue Reading →

Quartzsite, Arizona

The next stop on our sweep through the south took us to Quartzite, a little town out in the desert of Arizona, to spend a week with Josh's grandparents. Now, usually I'd write about where Quartzite is located, what it's known for, and what we did there, but I wanted to do something different this... Continue Reading →

Josh’s California Family

From Las Vegas, we headed to Bakersfield, California to visit Josh's dad, step-mom, three sisters, two brothers-in-law, two nieces, and one nephew. It is 286 miles (460 km) to Bakersfield, which should have taken about 4.5 hours to drive. Never for us. Never in California. Despite the horrendous weekend traffic from Vegas, we did eventually... Continue Reading →

Babysitting in Las Vegas

While we stopped off for a night in Vegas during our first swoop down to California, we ended up staying for a little over a week this time around. We ended up camping out in the garage, using Darla as our mobile guest bedroom. It was surprisingly comfortable, and gave us a little extra privacy. As... Continue Reading →

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