"Moon Reflection River Inn. Guilin, China. The Places We Live" Hotel bedroom with red walls. The bed is a queen size, four post with a detailed headboard, red curtains, white linens, and a colorful throw pillow. Both sides of the bed are lit by cream-colored Chinese lanterns that hang from the ceiling. The bedside table holds a framed photo and a CO

Moon Reflection River Inn

We are finally set up in our new apartment in Guilin and so far, we love it! It isn’t really an apartment… more like (exactly like) a hotel. The places we live now includes Moon Reflection River Inn in Guilin, China.

The House Hunt

We found our neighborhood of choice on our way to the Sun and Moon Pagodas. We got a little bit lost and ended up on a street full of restaurants. Each one looked better than the last! All it took was trying one place for lunch and were sold. We walked a little farther and were really happy about the proximity to the river, downtown, and the train station. This is where we wanted to live.

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The plan was to stay in the hostel for the weekend, find the neighborhood we want to live in, then rent an apartment on AirBnB for the rest of the month. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices in the neighborhood we want and at the price we want to pay. Unfortunately, Guilin doesn’t handle the cold the same way I do. I could not find a single apartment with the amenities we require AND a heater. So, I expanded my search to hotels.

Moon Reflection River Inn, Guilin

I found a delightful hotel on the border of the neighborhood we wanted. Moon Reflection River Inn is near many nice hotels, but is well priced and comfortable. We stayed there for two weeks and were disappointed to leave.

Moon Reflection River Inn had a heater, a desk to work at, free and fast wifi, an enclosed shower(!), a kettle, a little floor space for yoga, and a clean bathroom. For living in, it was quite small, but as a hotel, it felt very roomy. Our room also came with two free bottles of water, tea bags, and cookies each day. This was a really nice treat.

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The common areas of the hotel are also quite nice with free tea in the lobby, English speaking staff, and plenty of seating areas with big windows. Having a nice seating area outside of the room was a real treat to keep us from getting to cooped up. I liked sitting in front of the big windows to play cards or watch the birds.



The Places We Live: Guilin

Moving out of the hostel gave us a great opportunity to rebuild our routines and start living while traveling again. We were able to see a good portion of the city while still getting a ton of work done.

Josh started each morning by collecting us breakfast from the neighboring dumpling shops. After breakfast, he would take advantage of the morning wifi (usually the strongest) to get some UpWork projects done. I spent this time either studying Chinese, writing blogs, or going out for adventures.

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Around 1:00PM, Josh and I would go out for a long walk to explore the town and follow our noses to the perfect meal. Then, we would both get to work on one project or another before preparing, once again, to go out to eat for dinner.

After dinner was our “together” time. This time was spent working out on the spare space on the floor, acting out our own lip reading stories while watching Chinese TV, or studying Chinese together. We particularly enjoyed a game that we invented called “Random Words”. It involves collecting a list of 10 random nouns online, then have to get the other person to guess what they are by only speaking Chinese. It was very frustrating, but also fun.

Moon Reflection River Inn ended up being a great home base for us in Guilin. It had its Chinese-style quirks (loud neighbors, spotty wifi, constant smell of mildew), but was overall very comfortable and a place we were able to call home for two full weeks.

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Moon Reflection River Inn of Guilin, China. A review by The Places We Live. #hotel #China #Guilin #budget Moon Reflection River Inn of Guilin China. A review by The Places We Live. #hotel #budget #guilin #review Moon Reflection River Inn of Guilin, China. A review by The Places We Live. #hotel #review #budget #Guangxi



    1. Nope. There is usually just a hand-held shower head attached to the wall somewhere in the bathroom. They shower at night so that all of the water that accumulates on the floor of the bathroom (and all other surfaces) is evaporated by morning. It is hard to get use to.

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