A white box with red stripes, labeled "KFC Chizza Chicken x pizza" sits unopened on a table. Next to it is a small ramekin filled with a red sauce and a white cup with a picture of the KFC Colonel and labeled "KFC. It's so refreshingly good"

KFC – Kuala Lumpur

So far in our travels, we’ve been making a real effort to eat the local food as much as possible. Not only is it delicious, but it would kinda defeat the purpose of traveling if we went searching for home all the time. That said, we’ve been presented with a strange opportunity with these KFC Adventures posts. Each country we’ve visited has had at least a few unique region-specific items on the menu that look intriguing. So it’s time once again to head to KFC for a taste of the weird and wonderful!

Photo of a KFC advertisement with Malaysian writing. The images show an egg and fried chicken sandwich, a bowl of porridge, and a plate titled Classic Rice which features a banana leaf topped with a pile or rice with a poached egg on top, large piece of fried chicken, and a bowl of Sambal.
This is the advertisement that originally drew us in. Sambal is a traditional Malaysian sauce and I had to have it on my Colonel’s chicken.

For this visit to KFC, we made a special trip downtown. It wasn’t necessary (they are kind of everywhere), but we were in the mood for a nice, long walk. So, we took the metro for about ten minutes to Kuala Lumpur City Center and made a quick stop at Petronas Twin Towers!

Man and woman standing outside of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur's city center.

Then it was back to business. We found the KFC, pulled out the photo we took of the advertisement, and got ready to order. Unfortunately, none of the things we wanted were on the menu. We showed the girl behind the counter our picture of the billboard, to which she replied, “We are not serving breakfast, sorry!” We don’t read Malay, so we could be forgiven for not knowing it was breakfast, but the porridge should probably have tipped us off.  At that point, we could have just gotten a normal combo meal, but we were there for something weird, dammit! That’s when we spotted the Chizza.

A white box with red stripes, labeled "KFC Chizza Chicken x pizza" sits unopened on a table. Next to it is a small ramekin filled with a red sauce and a white cup with a picture of the KFC Colonel and labeled "KFC. It's so refreshingly good"

For 20RM/$5, we got a small fry, KFC Original flavor chicken leg, chizza, and two sodas. The soda options were a bit better here than in China, where we were limited to Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and Coke Zero. Here, I have seen far less Coke Zero, but a good amount of both A&W and Mug root beer. I’m a fan.

Condiment dispenser at KFC. There are three nozzles with a picture of a bottle underneath each one. One bottle is labeled Thai chili, another Tomato Sauce, and the other Chili Sauce.
If you zoom in closely, you can see that they spell sauce “sos”. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Get it together, English!

We had a selection of sauces to choose from: Thai Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce, and Chili Sauce. I thought about trying one of each, but the attendant seemed to be limiting everyone’s sauce consumption. I grabbed the Tomato Sauce, expecting ketchup. It was not ketchup. It was a little more plain and a little sweeter.

KFC Chizza. Piece of fried chicken with a red sauce, a large helping of pineapple, and some sauteed onions. On top are thick dollops of white cheese that is sprinkled with basil and red pepper flakes.

And the main event, the KFC Chizza. It is a fried chicken breast, topped with “pizza sauce” (more of the weird tomato sauce), mozzarella cheese, pineapple, onion, basil, and red peppers. The onions were very good, but everything else was a bit “meh”. I think the most troublesome part was the chicken. Fried chicken does not make a good crust. With the tendons and multiple meat textures, it is difficult to take a single, clean bite. Also, pineapple does not belong on pizza!

Man attempting to eat KFC Chizza. Looks to be struggling with the white cheese. It looks very thick and difficult to bite through.
Also, the cheese was not melty enough. It stuck together in one giant blob and pulled the other toppings off with it.

We cut the roof of our mouths on the crispy chicken, burnt our tongues on the burny sauce, and stung our noses with the loose red pepper flakes. Yet again, our KFC International meal was less than desirable, but that won’t keep me from trying whatever the specialty is in Thailand next month. But for now, the verdict is this: stay in your lane, KFC. Leave the pizza to the other guys.


  1. This was really funny. You will get arguments from West Coast population about pineapple should not be on pizza though I agree with you two.

  2. Nope that does not look or sound appealing! But I applaud your willingness to trying something new and odd. I would do the same as long as it isn’t too spendy.

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