Kanarraville Falls

Our wonderful Utah friends, the same ones who took us to Canyonlands and Arches national parks, planned yet another grand Utah adventure for us. For this trip, we are heading to the southwest towards Zion National Park.

Plan A: Orderville Gulch

We all got tickets to the Orderville Gulch hike in Zion National Park. This was a pretty big deal as these backcountry passes need to be ordered in advance and are sometimes put on a lottery system. The hikeĀ is an 11 mile (18 km), technical hike and is said to be quite similar to the Narrows, but with a little extra fun. The hike requires several hours of hiking, repelling, wading, and swimming.

But…. there were signs of rain (flash flood), so we had to cancel the hike and go with Plan B.

Plan B: Kanarraville Falls

Plan B was Kanarraville Creek Trail in Kanarraville, Utah. It is a moderate, 4.8 mile, round-trip hike along a creek and through a short slot canyon. It is far less technical than the Orderville hike, but still includes a few hours of hiking, two ladders up waterfalls, and quite a bit of wading in cold water.

I really enjoyed this hike. It started with a hot walk through some brush along the creek. Then we entered the slot canyon where we had to wade through water the rest of the way. The water was quite cold, but after the time in the heat, it was a pleasant reprieve. There were a decent amount of people also hiking the trail, but I only really noticed at the waterfalls where we had to wait in a short line to climb up.

The waterfalls were a blast. Josh is afraid of heights, water, and pretty much any structure that has even the smallest possibility of collapse. The waterfalls were only about 8 feet tall, but was still a startling adventure, even for me. It took some coercing to get Josh to climb up the slippery log spattered with loose nails for foot holds, but he did it and was pretty proud of himself.


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