House Sitting

Traveling full-time on only $1,000 per month isn’t easy, with one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome being rent. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to avoid this hurdle through Trusted House Sitters. That’s right. We’re traveling the world, house sitting.

We joined an online group called TrustedHouseSitters.Com. It is a collection of home owners and house sitters looking to pair up for trade. Josh and I manage a host’s pet, garden, and home security for free in exchange for a free place to stay while the host is on vacation. It has been a game changer! With over 30 sits under our belts, we’ve stayed in mansions, villas, apartments, and even an off-grid desert oasis. Our pets have included show dogs, diabetic cats, chickens, and even rats. Not only are we gaining furry/feathery/scaly companions, we are experiencing real life in local neighborhoods around the world.

The Places We Have Lived

Check out some of our more interesting sits around the world:

House Sitting in Andalusia

Our home was located on the edge of the village, overlooking the reservoir and nearby mountain ranges. There were three living areas on the property: the main house, a downstairs apartment, and a livable cave. Unlike most other house sits,…

The Places We Live – New Mexico

The last leg of our American road trip (#VanLife Part 3) takes us through every southern state on our way to Florida. For our first stop we were house sitting for a retired couple who live completely off-grid in the…

Hua Hin – The Places We Live

Our adventure in sharing the places we live continues with our new home in Hua Hin, Thailand. Hua Hin is a beach resort town three hours South of Bangkok along the Eastern coast. It is a popular tourist destination for…

Why Trusted House Sitters

There are several groups and companies out there that organize these sorts of exchanges. After trying a few, my preferred company is Trusted House Sitters. There is a small annual fee for both sitters and hosts, but once paid, we’re free to exchange as many times as we would like throughout the year. [Use my promo link to get 25% off your first year!] In 2019, the annual fee was $125. During that year, we completed 21 sits in 9 countries, covering our accommodations for over 230 nights out of the year. As an added bonus, some of our accommodations have included the use of the car, free food, or the occasional tip.

I think it takes a certain kind of person to invite a stranger into one’s home. It is the same for us as sitters. I often buy expensive tickets to fly to homes I have never seen, in hopes that my accommodations are as promised and the pets don’t eat me in my sleep. Thankfully, much of the guess work is taken care of by Trusted House Sitters through a vetting system of background checks and peer reviews. Hosts and sitters are able to view personal profiles with pictures and details about experience as well as see feedback and ratings left after previous exchanges. Finally, I appreciate that I’m protected during my sit with a 24/7 Vet Advice Line and insurance to cover any loss or damage.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the company and my experience since I’ve joined. The hosts have been very accommodating, the locations have been varied and exciting, and my pets have filled me with so much joy. Even as our online business grows and we become less and less attached to our “travel on $1,000 per month” persona, I have little doubt that we will continue to house sit with Trusted House Sitters during our travels.

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