Donut Falls Hike

We have a million and one things to do before we move out of our SLC apartment this week. Why not take a half-day break to go on an adventure? We’re going on a hike to Donut Falls near Salt Lake City, Utah!

Getting to the Trail-head

The Donut Falls Trail-head is about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We have done this hike before, but were very disappointed that it didn’t look anything like the pictures we had seen. Turns out we didn’t actually get to the end of the “trail” last time. We did some further research and gave it another go.

Donut Falls Trail

The Donut Falls hike is usually heavily trafficked, but we went early in the afternoon and in the off season. We had the place to ourselves on the way up. The ground was frozen and patched with snow though. On the way down, we had plenty of company and the ground was super muddy and wet.

Donut Falls Trail is pretty basic and nothing to write home about. There is one technical piece where we needed to descend some rocks into the river bed. Otherwise, it was fairly flat and easy going all the way to the falls.

Jen from The Places We Live struggles down a rock ledge near a river.

Donut Falls: Up Close

The star of Donut Falls Trail is the waterfall itself, tucked away at the end of the hike. There is a sign at the end of the trail warning hikers not to climb on the rocks, but we are rebels (In reality, I spent the whole time chanting “stay safe, no insurance”).

If you’re a risk taker and dying for that perfect Instagram shot, head on up the rocks. As the sign says, it is a semi-challenging and dangerous hike. The rocks wobble and can be slick. Donut Falls is hidden within a cave at the very top. We had to duck to get in. Once inside, there is a small sandbar to squat on and get all of the beautiful photos.


Not only was it just a nice reprieve from our daily chores, it was our first chance to try out the GoPro. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be like Samantha Brown. Well girl, here I come.

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One of the best hikes near Salt Lake: Donut Falls

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