Birds of Victoria, Australia

We saw all kinds of cool critters in Australia, but from the moment we stepped out of the airport, the birding was epic! We didn't even make it into town before I got my first new bird. As we rode out of the parking lot in the city bus, we passed a green field spattered... Continue Reading →

RTW Travel Budget – May 2018

Around The World Travel Budget There seem to be a bazillion travel bloggers out there talking about how cheap it is to travel, but very few are open about their finances. We've gotten quite a few questions about how we can afford to travel full-time, so we've decided to open up the books and do... Continue Reading →

Cape Schanck

Our current house sit is in the little town of McRae, on the Mornington Peninsula. There are numerous hiking trails criss-crossing the peninsula, including one that runs nearly the whole length of the oceanside shore. While there's no way we could do them all in our limited time here, we are on a mission to hike... Continue Reading →

Australia: The Land Down Under

May marks our mid-way point before heading back to the USA for the holidays. While Asia has been fun, we decided to head to Australia for a quick stop-over in the more familiar world of tacos, carpeting, and enforced cross-walks. Surprisingly, though, we were wrong to assume that it would be an easy transition. Australia... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live: Melbourne, Australia

Our adventure around the world continues with another edition of The Places We Live: Melbourne, Australia! A seven hour, red-eye flight got us from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne for about $150 each. We left one growing and bustling city simply to land in a new one. We were immediately struck by the familiar sounds of... Continue Reading →

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