A Week in Sepang, Malaysia

I know you are all waiting patiently for my first post about Melbourne, but I have one more adventure to share first. To save a little cash, we ended up spending another week in Malaysia, this time in the city of Sepang. It is surprising how much money I can save on flights simply by... Continue Reading →

Budget – March 2018

There seem to be a bazillion nomad bloggers out there talking about how cheap it is to travel, but very few are open about their finances. We've gotten quite a few questions about how we can afford to travel full-time, so we've decided to open up the books and do a monthly post with the details of our budget. The hope is that these posts will help prepare others who are thinking about jumping into the nomad life, and help us re-assess our spending habits. Enjoy!

Batu Caves

When I was looking for things to do while in KL, one of the major attractions that just kept popping up was the Batu Caves. They are a set of five caves located inside of a limestone mountain just a little North of town. One is used as a research area and the others have... Continue Reading →

Couch Surfing Meetup

Traveling with a partner has some great advantages, but fresh conversation isn't necessarily one of them. After three months with only one other person to talk to, we both needed some contact with other people. So, in beginning this journey, we decided it is important to go out of our way to meet people on the road.... Continue Reading →

KL Tower

Kuala Lumpur is home to some excellent modern architecture. The city center houses both the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower. Both invite tourists to the top to get a view of the city that even the birds will envy. Unfortunately, with our time and budget restrictions, we could afford to do either one... Continue Reading →

Work Update – Travel Blogger

It has been a while since my last travel blogger update, but honestly, until recently, nothing much has changed. Am I famous yet? No, not really... at all. BUT, I'm getting more views, I'm writing two guest posts for other blogs, and I am in the middle of pitching my first collaboration (fingers crossed)! So,... Continue Reading →

Mall Rats

What does one do in Kuala Lumpur? The Internets say "Shop!" And despite I am more of a hiking sort of gal, I have to admit that the shopping here is pretty top notch. So, I figured I'd better do a post on our Kuala Lumpur mall crawl. If you remember, Josh and I recently visited... Continue Reading →

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