#Vanlife Part Two

We’ve just wrapped up the first part of our American road trip, living the #vanlife from Florida to Idaho. Now it is time to begin Part Two: West Coast.

#Vanlife Dairy: Day 44

Our #Vanlife adventure continued with a 165 mile (265 km) drive from Badlands National Park in South Dakota to Devils Tower in Wyoming. This drive kept us on Interstate 90, where the views were nothing to write home (or blog) about. It was a short drive, one we spent doing crossword puzzles, debating on whether… Continue Reading →

#Vanlife Diary: Day 30

Our short stay in Chicago has come to an end, and it’s time for us to be moving on once again. Today’s entry covers our trip to a winery in Hayfield, Iowa, with a quick stopover in Madison, Wisconsin to break things up a bit. We stayed at the winery for a few days, and… Continue Reading →

#Vanlife Diary – Day 23

We drove from Nashville to Chicago in two days. Yesterday (#Vanlife Day 22), we drove the 345 miles (555 km) from our house sit in Nashville to Lafayette, Indiana. It was another beautiful drive through farmland and tiny towns. We spent the drive listening to The Shining by Stephen King on Audible and looking out the… Continue Reading →

#VANLIFE Diary: Day Six

It’s Day Six and we’re back on the road! Today’s #vanlife adventure takes us 170 miles (274 km) through three different states. We had five days to kill between our house sit in Atlanta and our next one in Nashville, so we decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to Sherwood, Tennessee, for a little… Continue Reading →

#VanLife Diary: Day One

It’s 2:00 PM on a sunny afternoon in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The van was just discharged from the mechanic with a clean-ish bill of health; how healthy can Darla really be at her age and use (that’s the name we’re trying out right now)? But the people of the Dodge dealership think that she will… Continue Reading →

#Vanlife Diary: The Prequel

We’ve decided to jump on the #vanlife bandwagon! We purchased a van, fit it with a bed, and are hitting the road, going coast to coast across the United States. I have broken up the trip into three segments. The first segment of the trip runs from August through October and will take us from… Continue Reading →

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