Must-Have Travel Products – Prime Day Edition

Hey, did you know that Amazon Prime Days are just around the corner? Maybe you should buy something for yourself, or for a friend, or for me! Whoever you’re buying for (because you definitely should get something), here are my must-have travel products to help you decide. Not everything on this list will be discounted for Prime Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge, right?! And since it is peak vacation season, you can use the “holiday” as an excuse to buy everything your traveling heart desires. Behold, advertisements that look like news!

[This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if one of these items is purchased (at no additional cost to you).]

Must Have Travel Products: Accessories

Planning a holiday (apparently I’m British now) this summer?! Check out these must-have travel products that we simply can’t live without. Each of these have been Josh tested and Jen approved!

AmazonBasics Carry-On Backpack & Packing Cubes Set 

We purchased three different bags to take with us on this journey. We needed something that was durable, cheap, and large enough for two weeks worth of clothes, but also small enough to fit RyanAir’s carry-on luggage policy. Out of the three, this bag was our favorite and is now the one Josh takes with him everywhere we go (I got stuck with the less than desirable bag).

AmazonBasics Carry-On Backpack - The Places We Live

Packing cubes are another of our must-have travel products. I had never used them before, but now I am 100% sold! These make life so much easier! Josh sorts his by outfit and I sort mine by style. I have one for socks and undies, one for bottoms, and another for tops. Now, everywhere I go, I simply put the entire cube in the drawer and I am immediately unpacked and organized. I also suggest folding the clothing per the KonMari Method. It has brought me joy and a lot more space.

Amazon Kindle & Other Bits

With limited space to carry all of my belongings, I need to be choosy. One thing we both choose to lug around the world is a Kindle. I know there are other reading devices out there, but the Kindle is the only one I have personally tried. When we are constantly in-and-out of WIFI, there is nothing like knowing that all of our books are safe and sound, ready to be read whenever we want.

I also carry a few other bits and bobs. One surprisingly useful item is my key chain bottle opener. It is crazy how much I actually use that thing! We also each have a microfiber towel. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, dry fast, and are super absorbent. Finally, we can’t leave our accommodations without double checking that we have our European adapter with USB outlets.

Must Have Travel Products: Subscriptions

We can keep our travels cheap because we have very few bills. We don’t have a mortgage, phone plans, or car insurance. Josh and I carefully considered each subscription we had and narrowed them down to only a few essentials. Over time, we have added and subtracted, but I feel like we now have the perfect collection of travel subscriptions.

Trusted House Sitters

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but Trusted House Sitters has been a game changer for us. We stay at people’s homes around the world for free in exchange for watching their home and pet. Our hosts get to go on vacation with the peace of mind that their pets are loved and their home is being watched for free. It is a win, win! Please use my link to sign up AND use my promo code to get an extra discount (RAF156424)!

DuoLingo Plus!

We have been using DuoLingo for years and absolutely love it! We’ve studied Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and a little taster of each of the other languages we’ve needed along the way. The free version is absolutely amazing, but that only pushes me more toward the Plus! version. These creators 100% deserve to get paid for their work. It is an excellent app that has truly benefited our lives.


We’ve been using MasterClass from the moment we were able to afford it and have already watched hours of content. I’ve learned to cook from Chef Thomas Keller, Josh learned to write humor from David Sedaris, and poker from Daniel Negreanu. There are so many amazing classes!

Buy All of the Things

Thank you for making it to the bottom of the page. You are awesome! You are so awesome that I think you deserve a little something for yourself. That’s right, you awesome person you. Treat yo’ self and get something nice. You deserve it!



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