Note From Jen

I often have the desire to write a little something about all the people we meet during our adventures. After all, meeting new people is half the adventure, right? This is doubly true when it comes to friends and family. Unfortunately, I’m months behind in my blogging. Not for lack of trying or material to write about, but due to my own mind holding me back. I want these pieces to be as special as everyone I’ve been privileged to spend time with. I want my love for each of the family members I visited or the joy I felt for new friendships to ooze off of the page. It is truly one of those times I wish I were a poet. Sadly, I am not a poet, and this desire to make these posts perfect has caused me to get bogged down and overwhelmed by my writing imperfections.

It’s now April and I’m still writing about December. Over the last couple of months, I have strongly considered ending the blog due to this major slow down. I turned to my fellow bloggers for advice, and the nearly unanimous consensus was to simply skip ahead and move on. While I understand their advice, I can’t simply skip over my time with family and friends. However, their advice was exactly the boost I needed to keep going.

Therefore, I’m apologizing in advance for any greatly summarized posts. It isn’t because I didn’t have an amazing time at your home or because I didn’t enjoy every second I spent with you. It is because I’m behind and I need to catch up before I’m lost at sea forever.

To all my friends and family whom I visited and met along the way, thank you so much for your love, hospitality, and support!

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