Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice. BUY NOW! "Finding My Voice, the debut flash fiction collection from J. Brandon Lowry, features 24 stories that explore life in all its complex and messy glory. An experiment in craft and style, this collection also features original artwork and personal reflections by the author. Each tale can be read in ten minutes or less, perfect for today's fast paced world. Love, loss, joy, sorrow, the highest highs, and the lowest lows, all brought vividly to life by an emerging voice in the world of short fiction.

We left the USA for China on January 1, 2018 and since then have had the most exciting adventures of our entire lives. I have never had more fun, experienced so much personal growth, and been more in love. I am so thankful for this adventure and what it has done for our lives. As if I don’t have enough to be thankful for, I am so proud to announce that my special fella has published a book called Finding My Voice. That’s right. Dr Lowry is now a published author!!!

The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Finding My Voice book cover by author, J. Brandon LowryA little over a year ago, I did something monumentally stupid. Having grown tired of my career as a research scientist, I quit my job in order to pursue a new avenue: Professional Fiction Writer. Never mind the fact that I’d spent seven years of my life obtaining a PhD and proudly becoming my family’s first doctor, or that I had all but given up on reading fiction in that time, or that the last creative writing course I’d taken was in high school, or that I was way too old to be seriously entertaining a dream I should have let go a decade before. None of that mattered; I was going to finally take a leap and see if I could make that fantasy a reality.

– J. Brandon Lowry, Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice is a collection of short stories that Josh has been working on over the past year while also working on his first novel. Oh yeah, and traveling the world with me! It has been incredibly interesting for me to see the transformation of his writing style and choices of subject matter. His very first piece, “The Heist”, is “the true story of the one and only time I’ve ever stolen anything“. The story is fun and funny, but he had never told his mother or anyone else about this experience in crime. I felt like it was one of his first experiences as a “real” writer, panicking a little bit that people will see too much of him in his writing. It was an interesting struggle for me to watch him overcome.

Another exciting development for me to watch was how our travels worked their way into his writing. The eccentric aunt character from “The Flavor of Christmas” was inspired by someone we met while traveling. “Light as a Feather” was written when we were in Malaysia. It’s the story of a man who dies and wakes up in the “wrong” afterlife. I found it interesting that the story of competing religions would come about after spending time in such a diverse country surrounded by Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. My favorite, of course, is “It Didn’t Have to be This Way, Ted”, a story I inspired during one of our many hikes in Australia where we were out in the middle of nowhere, but could hear the music of a nearby vineyard.


J. Brandon Lowry

Picking out an author name seemed like one of those useless conversations couples have in moments of idle musing. It’s a bit like asking, “What should we do if we win the lottery?” I’m not sure either of us really thought it would make much of a difference. However, that first email Josh received starting with “Dear J. Brandon” was a strangely special moment. It’s weird to experience all of these little successes together, like first recognition of “J. Brandon”, first draft in print, first signed copy, first check, and first payout to our artists.

Proof copy of Finding My Voice by J. Brandon Lowry sitting on top of the packaging it arrived in.

We’re not making millions of dollars yet (more like 10s of dollars), but it still feels amazing having accomplished this goal. And it isn’t going to stop here. As of two weeks ago, J. Brandon Lowry has officially wrapped up his novel! 170,000 words of pure imagination is done and ready for the next step. We’re writing pitches for agents, building his brand as an author, and pushing for traditional publication.

Living the Dream

I know this is a bit of a step away from my usual posts, but traveling the world isn’t the WHOLE story. It’s just one facet of our shared vision for our ideal lives. Our adventures are about the people we meet, the things we learn, and the ways we grow, and I’m so thankful that we are finally able to pursue our dreams together.

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