The Places We Live – Glendora, California

There are few places in the USA with worse traffic or better weather than southern California. We’re spending the next 14 days just outside of Los Angeles, in the beautiful city of Glendora. Visiting this area isn’t cheap. Thankfully, we have booked a house sit at my aunt and uncle’s house while they visit the East Coast. They have two big and lovable dogs, a stunning garden, and a magazine feature-worthy home. Time to add another home to the list of places we live in Glendora, California!

Glendora, California

Everywhere we go in the world, people know California. Not only is it the most populous State in the US, but they also have the largest sub-national economy in the world. It is home to more famous cities than I care to list, the largest tree on earth, the highest AND lowest points in the USA, and is both the Avocado and Raisin Capital of the World. Way to be, California!

Glendora is located in Los Angeles County, about 23 miles (37 km) outside of downtown LA. Set in the foothills, there are lots of trails for hiking and other outdoor activities nearby. Glendora is connected to the Los Angeles metro through the Gold Line at APU/Citrus College. Far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the city proper, Glendora is a quiet community, perfect for retirees or those looking for a slower pace of life.

Our Home

Our Glendora home is a 2,000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house built in the 1950s. It has a large kitchen, living room, sitting room, and laundry room. My favorite part of the home is the green and well-kept backyard, complete with a heated pool. There are several different citrus trees and a small vegetable garden, so fresh produce is never far away. The location is also a plus, in a quiet neighborhood with home prices averaging around $900k.

We were provided with a comfortable room, free use of the house, a car, tv and internet, and plenty of food. The perks of staying with family over strangers was not overlooked by us at all. We felt immediately at home and could have easily spent the rest of our lives here.

Our Family

This was a very special house sit as we got to spend some time with family that we haven’t seen in quite some time. Long-time Californians, my aunt is a retired nurse and my uncle is a retired radio personality and local celebrity. They are some of my favorite people to chat with as they have the best stories. Before they left, we spent hours just sitting at the table, talking about the books we were reading and weird medical stuff. It was a real treat. While they are away on a much deserved vacation, Josh and I will be watching their two dogs, JJ and Bella, along with their cat, Skinny Kitty.

Both JJ and Bella have the run of the house with their big personalities and even bigger hearts. Bella is the younger and smaller of the two. She loves sitting in her dad’s chair, playing ball, and patrolling for squirrels outside. JJ is large and in charge. He enjoys swimming in the pool, belly rubs, and playtime on the couch. Skinny Kitty was a bit stand-offish, but we shared a few nice moments together. He enjoys food, naps, and being alone. We loved molding into the routines of these pets and immediately fell in love.

Our Life

So far, this has been a very productive sit. We have gotten a lot of work done, explored quite a bit (check out our Funky & Free Walking Tour of Los Angeles), and have set good routines. We wake up each morning and set to work, a mixture of writing and social media. Then it is time to play ball with the dogs. JJ has some trouble with his hips, so we play some games that don’t require much running, like hide and seek with the ball or fetch in the pool. After lunch, we enjoy a walk in the sunshine or an adventure around town. For dinner, we are still focusing on building our cooking skills and even tried making a new dish inspired by a restaurant we visited in LA (more on this coming up in the next post), Mac and Cheese Pie inspired by The Pie Hole.

We’ve had some great work time as well. Josh published a collection of horror stories that really challenged his writing style. More importantly, perhaps, he wrapped up the final draft of his newest publication, Finding My Voice, a flash fiction collection. He will be working with some of our friends for the cover art and chapter art. It has been a really fun project and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

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