#VANLIFE Diary: Day Six

It’s Day Six and we’re back on the road! Today’s #vanlife adventure takes us 170 miles (274 km) through three different states. We had five days to kill between our house sit in Atlanta and our next one in Nashville, so we decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to Sherwood, Tennessee, for a little camping adventure.

The Preparation

#VANLIFE Day One gave us a short list of necessary items that needed to be purchased. I hopped onto Amazon and ordered a mosquito net (for the bugs) and a 12-pack of D-batteries (for the fan). Wary of shipping delays, I had them sent to an Amazon Locker, which was located at a nearby Whole Foods, instead of our house sit. This was the first time I’d ever used one of these, and it ended up being way more convenient than I expected. We simply stopped at the store on the way out of town, grabbed some road snacks, and picked up our order from the locker inside. It was super easy, and something we will definitely be using in the future.

Josh in front of the Amazon Lockers at the Whole Foods in Atlanta, Georgia. The lockers are black and say "Order at Amazon, Pick Up here." There is a computer kiosk to push in the code that was emailed to him. Then a small, locker door popped open with our shipment inside of it. - The Places We Live VanLife Diary
Pictured: The Editor, attempting not to look ridiculous, and failing. 

We also hit a small, local grocery store closer to Sherwood to purchase a big jug of water, some beers (I knew Josh would need a mood booster once he saw how far out of town we were), and some food for the week. Thankfully, we wouldn’t be needing any cooking equipment, since the campground offers use of a full kitchen.

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The Drive

The drive was short and pleasant. The lush, green landscape took us both by surprise. We couldn’t come to an agreement on what our expectations of the South had been, but whatever they were, we weren’t prepared for all the verdant, natural beauty. The route took us through Georgia and into Tennessee, with a short detour into Alabama along the way.

Map of the United States highlighting our route from Atlanta, Georgia to Sherwood, Tennessee. - The Places We Live #Vanlife

We spent the ride listening to Nine Inch Nails, Miley Cyrus, and a list of Country Classics. I even forced Josh into listening to the entire Mamma Mia sound track. Understanding that the songs don’t make sense without the story, I graciously dictated the entire plot of the musical to him along the way so that he wouldn’t feel lost. He didn’t outwardly express his appreciation, but I know, deep down, that he really enjoyed my spoken word version of the movie.

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Overnight #Vanlife Style

The next five days were spent at the Bolo Club in Sherwood, Tennessee. Located on a large farm in a valley surrounded by hills, the Bolo Club offers RV and tent camping, hiking, horse back riding, and more. Our HipCamp stay cost $20 per night and included hot showers, flush toilets, wifi, a full kitchen, an indoor and outdoor seating area, and our choice of parking spots. We chose a shady spot under some trees.

#VanLife at the Bolo Club Tennesee - The Places We Live.png

Rather than set the mosquito net up inside of the van, as I originally intended, we wrapped it around the open trunk door. This setup worked out great! It kept the bugs away while still keeping the inside of the van fairly cool. With the new netting, a working fan, and our computers hooked up to the free wifi, we were living the dream. I’m happy to report that we both slept very well.

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The isolation of the Bolo Club not only gave us the opportunity to get out into nature for a little while, but it also created an incentive to focus on work. I’ll have more to say about our stay in rural Tennessee, but for now I’ll just say that we had a great time really digging in to #vanlife. Stay tuned!


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