Cape Schanck

Our current house sit is in the little town of McRae, on the Mornington Peninsula. There are numerous hiking trails criss-crossing the peninsula, including one that runs nearly the whole length of the oceanside shore. While there’s no way we could do them all in our limited time here, we are on a mission to hike the entire Two Bays Walking Track, which spans the peninsula from north to south. So be ready for an upcoming, giant post about the Australian hike of a lifetime. Until then, here is a sneak peek at one of our side excursions hiking Cape Schanck in Victoria, Australia.

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Cape Schanck Lighthouse

The Cape Schanck Lighthouse is only about 20 minutes from McRae by car. It was a pleasant drive through open farmland and sprawling wineries. The parking lot had plenty of space (even on the sunny weekend) and admission was free… my favorite price.

The lighthouse was built in the late 1950s but has been out of use for some time. It is possible to take a tour of the lighthouse for a fee, but we opted to just walk around it and get some pictures. Even without a tour, there were plenty of things for us to do.

Cape Schank Lighthouse in Victoria, Australia is white with a red roof. There is a large grassy lawn on the land side with a cement walking path and scattered picnic tables.

The Cape

There were a few different walking paths that shot off from parking lot. The two on the Southwestern border, next to the free-use bathrooms, eventually merge together and lead down to the cape. After the merge, the dirt trail becomes a series of wooden staircases and boardwalks.

Cape Schanck in Victoria, Australia on the Mornington Peninsula is a cape surrounded by Busherangers Bay and the ocean. There is a wooden boardwalk leading from the hilltop to the end of the cape.

The views are absolutely beautiful! We were able to catch the sunset behind the lighthouse and the evening glow of the nearby Bushrangers Bay. The walkway was a bit narrow, but felt plenty sturdy. It was a really enjoyable walk to the bottom.

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Once at the bottom, we were free to explore the rocks and tide pools. We didn’t see any cool creatures, but I enjoyed the large kelp that littered the beach. I had no idea they were so big! I also really liked the various rock formations. The stack at the end is called Pulpit Rock.

Pulpit Rock at the end of Cape Schanck is a rock pillar surrounded by water and tide pools. A family looks on at the rock from the nearby tide pools in Victoria, Australia.

Bushrangers Beach

The cape trail isn’t technically part of the Two Bays Walking Track, but it is accesible from the Cape Schank parking lot. So, after exploring, we got back to business and headed for the trail access at the Southeastern corner of the lot. After walking for about an hour along Bushrangers Bay, the trail splits. To the North, the Two Bays track continues. To the South, there is a trail marked Bushrangers Beach. Since we’d already spent most of the day wandering off of Two Bays, we decided to head down and check out the beach.

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The beach sits in a small cove surrounded by cliff edges, the bay, and a lovely farm. There were a surprising number of people on the beach, given that you have to hike in, but at the same time it didn’t feel crowded. It still had a wonderful, secluded feeling to it. It almost seemed like our own secret beach.

Bushrangers Bay is part of the Mornington Peninsula National Park in Victoria, Australia. The sand shows footprints of heavy foot-traffic. Past the sand, dark rocks break the ocean waves. In the distance, Cape Schanck and Pulpit Rock is visible.

Two Bay Trail – Cape Schanck

I can not wait to share our 16 mile hike of the Two Bays Walking Track. Each segment has provided us with views of wild kangaroos, beautiful birds, and stunning sunsets. We still have three segments left to hike, but I saved some of the best for last. Next up, is the southern half of the Greens Bush section. I can’t wait. Stay tuned!

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