Birds and Critters of Thailand

There was a lot to see in Thailand. The food, people, culture, birds, and critters were drawing our eyes in every direction. It was an overload of the senses in the best possible way. We discovered so many new things that the thought of doing just a birding blog for Thailand seemed to cheat the country of all of its glory. This post will be of the birds and many other native critters of Thailand!

Thailand Birding

The birding game in Thailand was top notch. I captured only a few new birds, but I saw so many more really lovely ones. I enjoyed all of the new shapes and colors of the birds in Thailand. Many were completely new from anything I had ever seen before.

I spotted several Chinese Pond Herons, lots of Mynas, a few beautiful Olive-backed Sunbirds, Greater Coucal (I think), and some Red-wattled Lapwings that I practically chased for a picture, but had no luck. I photographed and identified four new birds in Thailand, bringing my Birding Life List up to 112.

Hua Hin, Thailand Birding: Blue Tailed Bee Eater - The Places We Live Blue Whistling ThrushPacific Reef Egret Sooty Headed Bulbul

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Critters of Thailand

At first, the critters were a nuisance. The cows and packs of wild dogs caused traffic jams and the spiders and cockroaches in the house caused constant worry and fear. Until one day, when it became just too much.

We heard a noise outside our Hua Hin house we didn’t recognize. The pets seemed startled by the noise as well. It was loud and like nothing we had ever heard before. We turned off all of the lights and rushed to make sure the doors were locked. I grabbed my phone and Josh his stick. We ducked behind the curtains and peeked through the windows to see who/what was after us. Nothing…

Turns out it was frogs. Just frogs. After that, things took a turn for the… comfortable? The giant cockroaches in the kitchen were more scared of us than we were of them. The spiders that stalked the living room were defeated without fight by the small and fragile cat. The monsters had been revealed, and as always happens, weren’t nearly so scary in the light. This experience changed me. I even came to appreciate the company of some of our regulars and their little quirks.

Jen's Critter Friends in Thailand: Fifty Centipede and Ribbert the Frog - The Places We Live

I built on this feeling and continued to try and introduce myself to more of the critters that I met. I tried to find what made them special or pretty and focused on those features. We particularly enjoyed the variety of lizards. We even saw a foot-long, baby monitor lizard while we were having lunch one day. The kids’ reactions to it were the best!

Monitor Lizard

Learning and Growing

I think it is really cool how well we have been adapting to new places. Josh is afraid of heights, but he took to the skies at the KL Eco Forest Park. Neither of us feel comfortable meeting new people, yet we had a blast making new friends at the couch surfing meetup. Why should I remain worried about stupid things like spiders and other creepy crawlers when I could make them my friends instead? It’s weird to be in my 30s and still be learning how to deal with life, but it’s also really rewarding at the same time.

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Thailand Birding





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