Eating Our Way Through Thailand

It is time, once again, for The Places We Live to share our adventures with food in Thailand. Would anyone really be surprised if I said the food was amazing and somehow better than the last food we ate? I’m starting to sound like the girl who cried wolf. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that the food in Thailand knocked our socks off. It was spicy, refreshing, flavorful, and full of textures we couldn’t define. Please enjoy “The Places We Live: Eating Our Way Through Thailand!” *theme music plays*

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Everyday Goodness

Even our small neighborhood in Hua Hin, Thailand had enough variety of food and restaurants to keep us trying new things. There were a couple of restaurants we frequented more than others, but I feel like we fanned out pretty far to taste as much as possible.

Collage of food in Thailand. "Eating Our Way Through Thailand" pork and garlic, fried egg, and rice. Curry over rice. minced pork and curry over rice. Chicken and cashews in tomato sauce

Top Left: Pork with Garlic and Pepper. The garlic are roasted whole (including the skins). It gives the dish a really enjoyable texture.

Top Right: Massaman Curry. Chicken with peanuts and onions in a coconut curry.

Bottom Left: Curry and Minced Pork. The minced pork ended up being one of our favorite dishes in Thailand. It is super simple, but super flavorful. From what we could tell, it was just ground pork, basil or mint, chilis, garlic, and spices. We were also told that some people add roasted, ground sticky rice to add a bit of thickness.

Bottom Right: Chicken and Cashew Nuts. Chicken, cashews, onions, green peppers, carrots, garlic, and tomato all in a sweet tomato sauce.

Passport Cafe

Food in Thailand. Passport Cafe, Hua Hin, Thaialdn. Phone number 093 139 9655. Open times Sunday through Thursdays 11:0AM to 9:00PM.

The Passport Cafe was our closest restaurant. If it weren’t for the packs of wild dogs and the cobras that supposedly frequent the short block between us and the shop, we could have walked there. It is owned and run by our new friend, Mike, an American expat. The cafe serves the most authentic American food I have had since we left the States and had really great Thai food as well. My favorite American meal there was the pancakes, with real syrup, and drip coffee!!! We were in heaven. My favorite Thai dish was the massaman curry.

Mr. Burger 2

I don’t know much more about Mr. Burger other than we ate there a lot. It was close to our favorite super market, had ample bike parking, and had a large menu. I don’t think we ever ordered the same thing twice, instead enjoying a variety of fried rices and other Thai dishes. I particularly enjoyed their chicken dishes.

Food in Thailand. Mr Burger 2. Hua Hin, Thailand. Changwat Prachuap Khiri Khan

The Weird and Unique

It wouldn’t be an adventure in food if we didn’t try some new and different things. And, like most of Asia, there was no shortage of “crazy” new things to try. Our local friends had a good-ole time feeding us new things and watching our reactions.

International Fast Food Visit: Dairy Queen

We visited a local KFC to do our usual International KFC tasting, but there didn’t seem to be anything particularly different or weird on the menu to set Thailand apart. So instead, we visited Dairy Queen, where we had a take on a Thai dessert favorite of Mango and Sticky Rice.

Dairy Queen Blizzard cup filled with a bright, yellow ice cream and topped with rice. Food in Thailand

Instead of the more common cut mango, sticky rice, and maybe some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, we grabbed a small mango and sticky rice Blizzard for only 35 baht ($1.12). Even looking at the photo now, I am craving another one. It was so sweet and refreshing!

Bugs, Frogs, and Snails

If you know us, you know we can’t pass up an opportunity to eat some bugs and other creepy crawlers. Here is a quick compilation of videos we captured of us eating some of the fun little treats in Thailand.

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Eating Local

After our Songkran adventure, we ended up continuing to befriend the locals at Lazy Daze Bar down the street. The owners, Linda and George, were so accommodating and answered all of our million and one questions.

Food in Thailand. Lazy Daze. Hua Hin, Thailand. Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Linda explained that Northern Thailand is quite different from the rest of the country, with its own unique dialect and food. She introduced us to the food of her home town by hosting a BBQ at the bar for us and the other patrons.

"BBQ of Northern Thai Cuisine" collage of the bbq food in Thailand

Top Left: Fried rice, mushrooms, and pickled, bitter greens.

Top Right: The Lazy Daze gang at Songkran

Bottom Left: Kissing Snails (pond snails) and grilled fish

Bottom Right: Papaya Salad

Watch our Songkran video again. You know you want to…

Eating All of the Food in Thailand

Despite my distaste for lemon grass and spicy food, I loved the food in Thailand. We expect to return to Thailand before the end of the year. That is the only thing that keeps me from just going nuts on every food stall I see on these last few days.

My favorite food in Thailand has been the minced pork and basil dish, Thai Tea (which is way better here than at home), and the mango/sticky rice combo. I wasn’t a big fan of the crickets Josh bought from the bug vendor, but that’s about it. Otherwise, everything in Thailand is amazing!

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Collage of food in Thailand. "Eating Our Way Through Thailand" pork and garlic, fried egg, and rice. Curry over rice. minced pork and curry over rice. Chicken and cashews in tomato sauce  Eating All of the Things... Thailand - The Places We Live


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