Bird Watching in Kuala Lumpur – March 2018

Bird Watching in Kuala Lumpur

The Zebra Dove I caught on March 6th was my official 100th bird!! I’m so excited to have finally made some major progress in this new hobby that I enjoy so much. Bird watching in Kuala Lumpur was a ton of fun. I can’t wait for my next 100 birds!

Birding Life List #100. Zebra Dove, June 3, 2018. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bird watching in Kuala Lumpur was difficult, but wonderful. Most of the birds were well hidden in the tall and gnarled trees. Just outside of my window at the hotel, there was a huge tree. Each morning, I could hear the beautiful calls of at least three different birds. Even after two weeks of watching that particular tree, I was not able to capture many photos.

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My favorite bird of the month was Asian Koel. As is common for this bird, I wasn’t actually able to catch it with my camera. However, their call is very distinct and there is no way I could have misheard it… right outside of my window… at 4:00AM.

I also really enjoyed learning about the Zebra Dove during my identification research. The few I saw were so small and delicate. I thought they would make beautiful house pets. Apparently I was right. Zebra dove competitions are very popular in Northern Malaysia and Southern Thailand. The winner of the competition is the dove with the best call.

Birding Update – March 2018

Identified: 12

New: 10

Life List: 108

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