Mall Rats

Mall Rats in Kuala LumpurWhat does one do in Kuala Lumpur? The Internets say “Shop!” And despite I am more of a hiking sort of gal, I have to admit that the shopping here is pretty top notch. So, I figured I’d better do a post on our Kuala Lumpur mall crawl.

If you remember, Josh and I recently visited the largest building in the world (by floor space) in Chengdu. The New Century Global Center includes the 12th largest mall in the world at 4,300,000 square feet (that is 1M square feet larger than the King of Prussia Mall, USA’s largest) . Kuala Lumpur and it’s neighboring subburbs hold the 5th and 15th largest malls in the world. This place knows how to build a mall.

Berjaya Time Square

Our first Kuala Lumpur mall was Berjaya Time Square, as it was one of the closest malls to our hotel. The first couple of floors include your basic mall stuff, but as we moved to higher floors, the stores become more “boutique”. I am not sure that is the word I would have chosen to describe them, but that is what they are calling those small, cheap shops packed to the brim with discount stuff. Also, they have an indoor theme park… and archery range… and bowling alley. Because why not?!

MyTown Shopping Centre


We didn’t spend much time in this Kuala Lumpur mall, as it seemed to fit our regular vision of what a mall is. However, we did spend a good amount of time in the mall’s attached Ikea! The products on display weren’t really any different, but the layouts of the showrooms were a little more Asian in style. Most of the bathrooms didn’t have shower curtains, the tables were set with chopsticks, and many of the ranges had a wok displayed on top.

Mall Street

Ok, so I made up the name. But, the street of Jalan Bukit Bintang is home to a lot of malls! Josh and I made a day of exploring around. It is a very fun neighborhood with a lot of stuff going on and a lot of tourists strolling about. We visited Bintang Walk (not sure what is special about it), Fahrenheit88 (basic except for the cheap outlet store on the bottom floor), Pavilion KL (another basic mall, but with a great variety of higher-end restaurants), and my favorite – Lot10.


Lot10 is a very pretty mall. I liked the color palette and the fun, moving balloons in the center. The stores are the same as everywhere else with an Isetan (a Japanese department store that is popular over here) attached and a large H&M. The best part about the mall however, is the large and cheap food court on the bottom floor. For 21RM/$5, Josh and I each got a large meal that we really enjoyed.

Now, despite the fact that these malls were huge and took us nearly all day to visit, they STILL were not the largest malls in Kuala Lumpur. These were just the little ones. I guess we still have some exploring to do. Time to start checking things off the list.

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