House Sitting with Molly in KL

After two weeks in our hotel, we have finally moved on to our house sit in Kuala Lumpur! After such a great sit in Chengdu, I have spent every day working to get us more bookings. So far, I have a good chunk of the year booked up, and more applications still under consideration. As we had hoped, this has been such a fun and convenient way for us to travel.

Our New Friend, Molly

We grabbed an Uber from our hotel on Wednesday and headed off to our house sitting gig just outside of Kuala Lumpur. Our hosts are Australian expats. She is an interior decorator back in Sydney and he works in marketing around the world. We are here looking after their beautiful home and their cheerful dog, Molly.

Molly and I sitting on the back patio.

Molly has some separation anxiety, so we have been asked to spend the majority of our time at home with her. This has been no problem for us since we have recently seen a big up turn in our workload. Having the time to sit in this lovely home with Molly has really taken some of the pressure off of our “work” lives.

The Home

The house we are sitting is a beautifully designed and skillfully decorated single-family home in an upscale suburb. It is three stories tall with a large living space, private back patio, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

The view from my new “office”.

Our room is wonderful! I nearly died when I first saw it. It is large, beautiful, and oh so very comfortable. We have a private bathroom with an enclosed shower and a balcony with plenty of visiting birds for me to admire.

Josh is particularly fond of the high-speed internet.

The Neighborhood

Our home is part of Desa Parkcity, a master planned community. Our neighborhood is on a cobblestone street surrounded by a walking trail and dotted with fountains. We have a community gym and infinity pool just a few steps from our front door. We tried out the pool yesterday and enjoyed a moment of absolute bliss.

The planned community has a great collection of shops and restaurants, a large park next to a lake, and a country club that we have access to. Our host even gave us access to her Mercedes Benz(!) to allow us to visit everything Desa Parkcity has to offer. Are we in house sitting heaven or what?!

The pool at The Club

Our Lives House Sitting in Kuala Lumpur

Despite we have only been here for a couple of days so far, we have already settled pretty well into our routines. First up was our “first day shopping trip”. This is where we pick up any toiletries we are missing, cereal, milk, sandwich stuff, and spaghetti. It is nice to always have at least one breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered at all times.

Mornings include breakfast and coffee, a jog with Molly (she likes to chase squirrels), and some social media time. Midday includes lunch, a short adventure, and then a sprint back home before the 3PM thunderstorm. Afternoon is our designated “do not talk to me” work times. I like to sit by the window while I work and watch the monsoon pass through. It can be quite frightening, but also very beautiful.


For dinner, we have a home-cooked meal. There is nothing like home-cooking while we are traveling full time. I like to eat out just as much as the next foodie, but there is something so comforting about eating at home. Evenings are Jen and Josh time. We go out, watch tv, or work out together. The routine has been very nice.

We have a little over a week left here, then we are leaving KL for a ANOTHER HOUSE SIT! So far this has been a great way to really get to see the places we live, and to travel without breaking the budget.

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