Moon Reflection River Inn

We are finally set up in our new apartment in Guilin and so far, we love it! It isn’t really an apartment… more like (exactly like) a hotel.

We found our neighborhood of choice on our way to the Sun and Moon Pagodas. We got a little bit lost and ended up on a street full of restaurants. Each one looked better than the last! We tried one place for lunch and were sold. We walked a little farther and were really happy about the proximity to the river, downtown, and the train station. We knew that this is where we wanted to live.


The plan was to stay in the hostel for the weekend, find the neighborhood we want to live in, then rent an apartment on AirBnB for the rest of the month. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices in the neighborhood we want and at the price we want to pay. Unfortunately, Guilin doesn’t handle the cold the same way I do. I could not find a single apartment with the amenities we require AND a heater. So, I expanded my search to hotels.

I found a delightful hotel on the border of the neighborhood we wanted. It has a heater, a desk to work at, free and fast wifi, an enclosed shower(!), a kettle, a little floor space for yoga, and a clean bathroom. I think we are really going to like it here.

The common areas of the hotel are also quite nice with free tea in the lobby, English speaking staff, and plenty of seating areas with big windows.


We are really looking forward to rebuilding our routines and start living while traveling again. This will be our home for the rest of the month while Josh continues his writing and I explore the amazing karst topography and quirky shops.



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    1. Nope. There is usually just a hand-held shower head attached to the wall somewhere in the bathroom. They shower at night so that all of the water that accumulates on the floor of the bathroom (and all other surfaces) is evaporated by morning. It is hard to get use to.


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