Idaho Brews – December 2017

Idaho has a pretty decent beer scene and is growing in popularity for wineries as well. Since my birding in Idaho didn’t seem to be going very well, I figured I better put some extra effort into my brew collecting. We participated in a couple organized pub crawls and did some of our own brew adventuring as well. I was pretty happy with just about everything we tried.

I think my favorite brew of the month was the DBA (Double Barrel Ale) from Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Paso Robles, California. My favorite local brew was Udaho Gold by Salmon River Brewing in McCall, Idaho.

I set up a Happy Hour tour for Josh and I with several stops scattered throughout downtown. We didn’t end up making it to a single planned stop because we kept getting distracted by other pubs and breweries along the way. One such place was Barbarian Brewing Downtown Tap Room. Very few locals I have talked to have even heard of it, which surprises us, since it ended up being our favorite brewery! We only had time for three tasters, but each one was better than the last. We enjoyed the service, the vibe, and really enjoyed the delicious beers. My favorite was The Everman, a honey beer.

I only got a taste for the flavors around me, as there are so many local breweries. Please share your favorite Idaho beers in the comments, and if you’re an Untappd user, add us as friends!

Brew Update – December 2017

New Idaho Flavors: 12

 New Idaho Breweries: 9

Flavor Life List: 35

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Laughing Dog Brewing – Sandpoint, Idaho

  • Cream Ale

Salmon River Brewing – McCall, Idaho

  • Udaho Gold

Edge Brewing Company – Boise, Idaho

  • Edge Lager

Barbarian Brewing – Garden City, Idaho

  • The Everman Honey Beer
  • Wolf Pup Pale Ale
  • NeoWolf 001 IPA

Powderhaus Brewing Company – Garden City, Idaho

  • Hinterlander Porter

Wallace Brewing Company – Wallace, Idaho

  • Compressor SMaSH

Bear Island Brewing Company – Boise, Idaho

  • Christmas in Your Mouth Winter Warmer

Boise Brewing – Boise, Idaho

  • Broad St Blonde Ale

Payette Brewing Company – Boise, Idaho

  • North Fork Lager
  • Hazelnut Mutton Buster Brown Ale

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