Brew Collections

It drives Josh crazy when I play video games because I am a collector. I rarely pay attention to the progression of the game. I just run around breaking and collecting as many things as I can. I find that I live my life in much the same way (without the destruction, of course). I don’t like to collect physical things, but I do enjoy collecting moments. That is why, with each new place, I will post a wrap up with not only my Birding Update, but also my Brew Update. And, who knows, I might start more collections later 😉

First off, a quick story about my relationship with beer:

It was a long time ago in a state far-far away. I was attending my first party in Eugene, Oregon (consistently rated the top hippy town in the USA) after moving there from Eastern Washington. Martini bars were the hot thing and I was disappointed to find that it had not caught on in Eugene. People in Eugene drank beer. That is why, at my first party, I brought the only “beer” I actually liked, Mike’s Hard Lemonade – black cherry flavor. The gift I had so thoughtfully procured was immediately and discreetly confiscated and hidden under the sink. This party was filled with locals and they weren’t going to be caught dead drinking my bitch beer. So began my journey to try and become a beer snob.

About the rating system:

My bestie and I enjoy the finer things in life, but are ourselves maybe slightly less fine than we expect the world around us to be. So we have adopted a way of living I like to call (excuse my language) Classy as Fuck. Upon participating in our first classy tasting adventure, we needed a way to look as snooty as the people around us: “Yes… hints of dirt and cardboard… yes… quite.” We had a difficult time remembering the rating scale as well (is 5 the highest or is 1 the highest?) and therefore created the simplest, classiest, and funnest rating system: Smiley Faces. 


And finally, the app… because there is an app for everything.

The only thing better than collecting things is to also collect badges as a reward for all of my collecting. So, please join me (and help me get friend badges) on the Untappd App.

Beer Life List: 51


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