Florida Brews – November 2017

Florida has a better beer scene than I expected. The breweries looked very similar to the ones I have visited elsewhere, but with the added perk of actually being able to sit comfortably outside on the adorable patio (maybe it’s just my luck, but the weather almost always keeps me from sitting outside). All of the ones we attended did not provide food in-house, but did have a food truck or two in the parking lot that proved to be quite delicious.

I think my favorite brew of the month was the Florida Beer Company’s Conchtoberfest and Copperpoint Brewing Company’s Copperpoint Lager. They were both very fresh and provided the perfect warm-weather reprieve.

My favorite brewery was Due South. It was under renovation, so not at it’s best, but I could really see the potential. It had a clean look with a picnic vibe. However, my favorite brewer was Copperpoint. I didn’t enjoy all of their beers, but I liked that each flavor was unique and purposeful.

[Josh’s take: I wasn’t a fan of Due South, either the feel of the taproom or the beers. The beers all had the same body, which shouldn’t be the case; there’s should be a difference between a lager and an IPA. Copperpoint had better decor, friendlier staff, and delicious beers that were well crafted and stood out. I’d highly recommend visiting Copperpoint Brewing Co.]

I only got a taste for the flavors around me. Please share your favorite Florida beers in the comments!

Brew Update – November 2017

New Flavors: 14

 New Breweries: 4

Flavor Life List: 14

Due South Brewing Company

  • Ginger Snap Imperial Brown
  • Kevin’s Bacon (Cream Ale)
  • Oktoberfest
  • Craft American Lager

Copperpoint Brewing Company

  • Slick Shoes (IPA)
  • Das Pilsner
  • Pumpkin Queen Ale
  • Copperpoint Lager

Florida Beer Company

  • Florida Lager
  • Conchtoberfest

Intracoastal Brewing Company

  • Dry Hopped Lager
  • Belgian Pale Ale
  • Eau Gallie Weiss
  • Intracoastal Lager

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