Flying to Florida – It Begins

We did it! I can’t believe it actually happened, but it has. We quit our full-time, great paying jobs, narrowed down our belongings to a single carload, and left our lovely apartment to start a new life as Digital Nomads.

We cleaned our apartment and took off with all of our belongings stuffed into our Nissan Altima on Sunday. The drive to Boise was long, but exciting. I think everything really hit me once we got to Boise and I realized I was, technically, homeless. That was a bit of a creepy feeling. We spent two nights in Boise unloading the belongings that weren’t traveling with us, then flew to Florida for the month.

Mom lives in a cute little house only a block from the beach on the Space Coast. We’ll be spending the whole month of November couch surfing with Mom and her roommate. We have a near-private room with a pull-out bed and access to the backyard. We’ve been sleeping with the numerous windows open and enjoying the warm breeze and sounds of the ocean.

Today is Friday, our fourth day in Florida. We’re starting to feel a little more settled, but have definitely had some learnings along the way.

WiFi is a MUST. We spent a grueling 24 hours without internet or phone service. We faced the usual challenges expected from our other Millennial friends: anxiety, loneliness, and a serious case of FOMO (feelings of missing out). I know it sounded to Mom like we were just over-dramatizing our First World Problems, but when our entire livelihood is online, it really did feel like our lives were on pause. No work (literally; Josh works online) and no play (honestly people, Stranger Things Season Two just came out) makes us dull boys.


Being hosted means readjusting. We felt pretty confident about our spending habits and our routines, but those routines have already gone out the window since we have been here. I want to hang out with Mom and she wants to hang out with us, but that means adjusting our schedules. It hasn’t been a bad or difficult adjustment, but it has been impactful. Finding work has taken a little extra time and I’m behind on my blogs and language study.

As Josh and I aren’t particularly great at catching social cues, I think this will be an ongoing struggle for us when couch surfing. The solution we are working with so far is to stay honest with our host about our needs and finances, be good to our host by doing chores and making family meals, and staying positive and sharing our adventures whenever we can.

Find fun everywhere. This is one of the things I knew we would be good at. No gym? No problem! We have been walking as much as possible, doing Yoga with Adriene, and making the most out of the world around us (like exercising on the playground jungle gyms).

For our evening at the pub, we decided on Pub Trivia (Iron Oak Post) so that we at least had a chance at winning a free bar tab… and we did! Ever met anyone famous? Now you have. Meet the winners of this week’s Trivia Nation 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s Trivia! It’s a big deal.


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