Work Party

They threw a party for me at work today.

I can’t express how touched I was by this. I knew they would pass around a card, but a party? I am a retail manager leaving my job only days after the Christmas lights started to set. I’m forcing my peers to work through the most difficult season of the year short-handed and I’m forcing my team to work short-handed and without guidance (not like they need it). I am really putting these people that I have grown to love in a rather difficult position. And yet they still threw me a party, wrote cards, and left gifts.


Someone wrote that they want to be like me when they grow up. *tears*

I’ve really enjoyed this particular job. I had leaders working for me that are really well trained and professional. They made my job super easy and fun. I really looked forward to seeing them each day.

With such an amazing leadership team, I was able to focus more of my attention on the team members. This part of the job was super rewarding for me. I really enjoyed my time developing team members. Most are young and working their first jobs. I hope I was able to shape their work ethic and set them on a good path for their future careers and financial success. As with nearly all of the people I have managed, most will forget about me, but I will remember them. I’ll get the warm fuzzies when I hear they received their first major promotion or bought their first car.

I’ve learned so much during my time in retail. I’ve learned from the good and the bad (often the hard way) and these lessons are ones that I will take with me on my journey. I’ve learned to assume good intentions of others because nearly everyone does what they think is right, but what is “right” can always be up for interpretation.

I’ve learned that despite I’m amazing at nearly everything I do (that pesky narcissism again), I’m not the best at anything. There is almost always someone nearby who is more informed or more skilled than I am. Being OK with that is a good thing. I give credit where credit is due and use the skill of others as a tool for my own success.

I’ve learned that other peoples’ successes are not my loss, they are my success too. Maybe I would be farther along in my career had I been a bitch and put other people down for my own gain, but I am much happier with my work for doing the exact opposite of that. I take the time to develop my team despite the fact that I am “digging my own grave”, as some may say. One of my minimum wage employees (years ago) ended up taking my job when I left and now there is talk of her getting promoted again. It doesn’t bother me that she surpassed me, I’m proud.

So this party really meant a lot to me. I have a genuine connection to all of these people and have put a lot of effort into each of them. To have them throw a party for someone who’s causing them more work in the coming months is huge for me. Their recognition was such a wonderful send off and gave me the will (obligation?) to push myself to live every day to the fullest.

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