60 Day Checklist

The 90 Day Checklist went pretty well. I adjusted the list a little to be more realistic and timely. I am certain I will mention some of the learning behind those changes in the posts to come, but for now, I am just way to excited. We are 60 days to launch!!

Note: Our timing is a little off because we are quitting our jobs in 30 days, but not leaving our current apartment for 60 days.

Nomad To-Do List (30-60 Days to Launch)

  • Apply for visas
  • Buy new equipment
    • Luggage
    • Electronics and Software
    • Clothing
  • Practice packing to finalize equipment list
  • Sell at least 25% of belongings
    • Empty storage unit and cancel payments
    • Sell bikes and cancel bike rent
  • Doctor follow-ups
    • Immunizations
    • Final appointments
  • Give written notice to landlord
  • Give written notice to employer
  • Start a list of subscriptions and research cancellation policies
  • Continue progress on Leave Behind Folder

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