The Plan

The plan is to not have plans. Obviously, an over-organized list maker like myself has a secret Plan A, B, C, and D already lined up for the next three years, but we’ll just pretend for now that I am throwing caution to the wind and am totally spontaneous. The ruse pleases me.

We lived in China for a year back in 2006/2007. The transition was extremely hard on “some” of us *cough ‘Josh’ cough*. Because of that difficult transition, I am determined to slow things down a little bit and be a little more cautious this time. I think I have put together a pretty good plan to ease us into things. We’ll see how well it actually turns out.

October 2017: Daily Routines 

We are quitting our jobs effective September 30, but will stay in our current apartment for the month of October. This will allow us a chance to settle into our new routines from the comfort of our own home. I also plan to use the time to sell off the rest of our stuff and plan a couple of last minute adventures in Utah.

November 2017: Work-Life Balance 

As a member of the service industry, I have not spent a major holiday with my family in exactly 13 years. I might regret it, but I really want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family this year. Thanksgiving and the month of November will be spent with my mom in Florida. We’ll have a free place to stay, someone we know to socialize with, and a reliable connection to the internet for work.

We will continue to work on our routines, but with the added difficulty of adventure all around us. I want to make sure that we can stick to our income goals while still striving for an adventure-heavy lifestyle. Florida is where we will focus on work-life balance.

December 2017: Social Life

Christmas and the month of December will be spent in Idaho with Josh’s mom, my dad, and my step-family. Idaho is where we want to focus on one of our other major concerns, socializing and relationships.

We are both introverts, but still decently dependent on other people’s company. My challenge for December is to get us out of the house and socialize. We need to meet new people and learn how to turn “single-serving friends” into real and meaningful relationships. In addition, I want to build stronger relationships with my family.

We left for China during a difficult time in our and our family’s lives. The journey made it too easy for us to distance ourselves from the drama and, in turn, caused us to grow apart from the people we love. I am determined to do the exact opposite this time. I want this adventure to bring us closer to our friends and family despite the physical distance.

January 2018: Trial Run

We have tickets to China for the new year. Living in China was very challenging for us ten years ago. I have no doubt that it will be just as challenging now. My hope is that our familiarity with life there will ease the transition while also challenging us enough that we will truly understand the adventure ahead of us. In short, I think if we can make it in China again, we can make it anywhere.

My goal while in China is to hit some of the major sights that we missed the first time and to really nail all of our new routines. China will also be the time where we decide if we are vacationers or nomads. I hope we will continue on our adventures, but this will be our big opportunity to really dig deep and decide if this was the right move for us.

I have already laid out Plans A through D, so I have an idea of where we will be heading next. But let’s save that for another day. Remember, I’m spontaneous. Mums the word.

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