It’s A Fish!

It’s official. We have even started to tell select people. (Don’t you feel lucky!)

We took a trip to Boise a few weeks ago and broke the news to our folks. Although it is something we are now quite certain of and really proud of, it was very difficult to start telling people. Our parents handled it well. I’m pretty sure my mom and sister think we’re joking or will back out. But overall, it was went way more smoothly than we had expected.

There was a surprising lack of questions. We assumed it was due to shock, so we overloaded everyone with information about Plan A through Z. I’d like to think our well thought-out argument is what won them over, but that is probably just my narcissism.

Now that the parents have been covered and they are starting to really settle in the with the idea, we’ve started telling select friends. We told a few of our best friends a few weeks ago over dinner in Vegas. The reaction was a mixed boat of confusion, surprise, anger, and excitement. Although our best friend hasn’t said it yet, we’re assuming he is proud of us and supports our every move.

Each day we come home with a tale of one more person we told. We have really enjoyed the varied reactions we have received from everyone. Very few have been what we expected.

So here it is. This is the official announcement to all of my two readers out there:

Dear World,

This September, Josh and I are quitting our jobs, selling all of our things, and taking off to explore the world. We intend on living as nomads for the foreseeable future. The hope is to travel at our leisure, but I have put together a basic plan to start us off. The flexible plan for the year includes Florida, Idaho, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia. I’m going to retire and spend my days organizing and documenting our adventures. Josh is going to try his life-long dream of writing by working as a freelancer and working on a novel.

So there it is. I truly look forward to sharing our adventures with you.



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