We’re Doing This

It isn’t a matter of “go or stay” anymore. We have to go. We can’t stay here knowing that we could be out there. It has been decided. We are leaving by October.

It all started with this blog Josh found called PhD Nomads. It is a blog about a couple who both have PhDs, quit their great jobs, and are now traveling the world working as Medical Writers. Josh was very struck by this couple and gained the confidence he needed to stop worrying about “being a failure.”

In addition, the couple gave us an idea. Why should we try for low-paying, sporadic, freelance jobs when Josh could get a “real” job in a field that is important to him and pays well? He is qualified to be a Medical Writer. What else is out there?

Turns out, a lot!

Josh is a geneticist and has been working for the last 3-5 years towards becoming a Certified Molecular Clinical Geneticist (I know, nerd!). The idea of quitting this dream of running his own diagnostics lab is a bit of a downer. He hasn’t made it past the application process thus far and I’m sure adding a few years of “Between Jobs” on his CV won’t help. So I set to work looking for the perfect middle ground and I think I found it.

Josh is now applying to remote positions available in Variant Curation Science. He is qualified for the job, it pays really well (enough that I could officially retire), he can do it from anywhere with good internet, and it will look great on his CV the next time he applies for certification.

He hasn’t heard anything back yet from the jobs he has applied to, but the fact that the jobs exist give me so much hope. I have been walking on air. Not only will we be able to travel the world, but there is a chance we will have money and stability as well. I couldn’t even imagine that this sort of life was possible. Wish us luck!

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