Another Week, Another Ponder

April 2 – We decided we were going to quit our jobs and wander the world. We cancelled all of our upcoming commitments, called our parents, and looked at airline tickets.

April 3 – We woke up in tears knowing that we had made a horribly stupid decision. We need to make a change in our lives, but not something so irresponsible.

April 4 – This was the day Josh had scheduled a meeting with his boss to quit. Instead, we met with a mortgage broker and talked about buying a house.

April 5 – We told all of our family and friends that we were making the plunge to buy a house. I deleted all of my travel accounts and set my blog aside as worthless.

April 9 – We were sad again.

April 10 (today) – I don’t know what else to do. Maybe there are other choices out there, but this is the only one that brings me any sense of joy. We need to go.

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